Saturday, November 3, 2012

~Back 2 Healthy Hair Care

I'm gonna get back to healthy hair care. I use to be a hair addict a few years back. After I cut my hair and went natural, I got super lazy with it. My hair goal is to have healthy bra strap length hair. I will share my hair regimen with you on another post. I'm not gonna be a hair addict, I just want to keep things simple. That's how my hair grew to the length that it is now. This is my hair flat ironed, I'm natural so it would look shorter in it's natural state. What are some of your hair goals?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

~Novemeber Monthly Motivation~

 Don't Compromise

In life people will try to judge you. They will try to tell you who you are and put you in a box. Something I like to call the box mentality. When they try to feed you that junk there are two things you must do. The first is to remain headstrong, and the second is to not compromise.

Let me take it a bit further and tell you about a personal story of mine. I had a situation a couple of months ago where someone tried to compromise me. This individual tried to tell me that they use to be like me. And I was going down the wrong path in life. After we exchange words though a text, I realized it doesn't matter what anyone thinks about me. It's what I think and KNOW about myself that really matters. The sad part about it is that I use to look up to this person. After I seen the change in them, I realized "people are people." They change just like leaves in the fall. Truth is I won't let anyone speak negativity in my life. I just keep my mind focused on the positive and will put one foot in front of the other and walk.

You see nothing in life is worst than feeding into others pessimistic views. If you allow people to condescend you they will. Honestly, only God can judge us. He is the only one who created us. God will never have anything negative to say about you.

I remember once one of my friends said to me "Candace I wish I could be more like you, you don't care what people say about you." I said you're right....why should I try to change them. At the end of the day, they don't know me. I know me and I'm on their mind. Studies have shown that 25% of people will not like you no matter what. All the convincing in  the world won't change their view of you.

So that is why we have to be head strong. Focus on the positive and be optimistic in life. And lastly, DON'T COMPROMISE for anyone!