Wednesday, October 31, 2012

~Happy Halloween~

I'm not much of a Halloween type of girl. ..however I can admit I love the costume part of it all!

Friday, October 26, 2012

~What Ms. Lauren Hill Taught Me....Part 1~

"Why fit into a standard? We all have individual standards. Be yourself...we all have hidden into these boxes. If God made us all different, why should we all try to be the same...It's DECEPTION."

 She goes on to say...

"The real you is better than the fake someone else. True healing is from the inside out. We have been taught to protect our outer man, while our inner man is dying."

-Lauren Hill

This woman is an intellectual genius! She is not your ordinary artist, she is a lyricist that speaks the truth. Growing up I didn't listen to the words/lyrics in her music much. As an adult, I have mad respect for her.

Let me tell you how I got reconnect to this artistic genius. One day I was browsing Youtube for poems/spoken word. I got a recommend video from DEF Jam Poetry by Ms Lauren Hill. The poem was entitled "Motives and Thoughts." Once I hear it I put it on repeat to listen to several times. It was like poetry love at first listen lol. After that I started listening to her music. One of my latest poems "Cubic" I got insight from her song "I Get Out." That song had so much relevance to my life.

The quotes I posted from her is really a huge message to this generation. Many of us...yes I said "us" are programmed. We are programmed by our: television, radios, magazines, and even our peers. It shows in the way we look, act and think. The easy way to say it is "some people try to be reality stars, instead of creating their own reality." Some reality stars are faking the funk. Doing everything they can for ratings, and don't even know themselves. Did anyone see the interview with Evelyn Lozada? I rest my case *throws gavel*

I know after reading her quotes I tried to make some changes in my life. I wanted to be more of the real me, not the fake someone else. I can honestly say we all are a work in progress. We all want different things out of life. We are all different for a reason. The reason is God made us this way. God blessed us all to be unique for a reason. The world won't be able to operate if we were all the same. So use your gifts and talents. Share them with the world, the world needs you. So be courageous, give, and most importantly BE YOURSELF. Trust me nobody can be a better you. :)

 p.s. yes there is a part 2

Thursday, October 25, 2012

~Howard University Homecoming 2012~

One of my favorite second home. I had so much fun with my sisters/friends at Howard University's Homecoming. All was fun from the football game, parties, tailgating, dancing, and shopping. Best of all plenty of Black folk just enjoying themselves and having a good old time. Didn't matter the age or if you went to Howard or was all about having a good time. Spend a lot of money, but in the end it was all worth it. After a weekend like that what more could a girl ask for......Thanks Howard for your blessings :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

~New Book...New Value in My Life~

I just got this book in the mail. I can not wait to read it. When I finish it....I will write a review for all of you!