Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I have to stay focused as we go unto this new year 2017. I am being more of a minimalistic indivudual. I'm trying to limit my consumerism and pay down my student loan debt. I plan to be debt free by the end of 2018! Im paying off one loan this year, and I will have five more left to pay. Im just super focused on my goals, I am working off a budget. I started it in Nov 2016. It has helped me a lot to see exactly where my money is going. I am currently saving money to move out of state. It has always been a goal of mines but I never executed it. Next year is the year of making my dreams realities. I just have to remain focused.

It can get hard at times, and my job is very stressful. I am looking to start on a new path until I become a  successful entrepreneur. I have a daily affirmation that goes, I will do whatever it takes to become a successful entrepreneur! I also started a new daily routine which consist of meditation, bed yoga, and motivational speech. They all last for 5 mins each and it has become the best part of my day. When life get tuff I have to get tuffer! These things are helping me each day to stay level headed.

I am planning a trip to West Palm beach, FL early 2017. I am going to meet my great aunt there. I am very interested in family history and meeting the older generation. I am super excited about this trip already.

So I have plenty of things to focus on. My last thing I will be focusing on is a relaionship. I have been single for a long time. It has been almost 10 yrs to be exact. That is a very long time to say the least. I've been so into catering to myself and my needs that I didnt have the time to focus on anyone else seriously. I think it steams from past experiences and things with man. I have trust issues and I kind of like my independence in a way. It can be freeing but I have enjoyed it too long. I think it's about time to share my experiences/life with someone I can relate to.

I took a home buyer's course this month. And it sparked my mine to get into real estate and owning my own house. That is something that will take some time and focus too. I know I need to read and write more too. I have been slacking in that department lately as well. I'm a lover of education and learning and I need to endulge back into it.

I normally dont do resolutions, I normally do New Year's quotes. I can't remember my quote for 2017 but a big part of it will be to remain focused! That's the best way I can put it.