Thursday, June 28, 2012

~It is My Dream~

Close your eyes and take a moment to visualize your dreams.
  This is something I do almost everyday until someone from the world snaps me back into reality.
Well until that happens let me dream, no let us dream.

And we can smile while day-dreaming, because after all it is our dream!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

~The Steps in the Journey~

I finally completed my "Bridges Out of Poverty" class. It was a 10 week process but I made it through! Last week we had our graduation. I was grateful to work with an awesome group of ladies, some of which I work with now! We all are on different paths to success. I was bless to be touch by each one of these ladies. I hope our light shines as we continue on our journey.......

Monday, June 11, 2012

~Steve Jobs & Keys to Success

So I was studying Steve Jobs yesterday. I came across this video about his 7 keys to success.  I decided  to share it will my bloggers. So here they are enjoy and apply them to your life!
  1. Do what you love (Passion is everything)
  2. Have a clear vision and stick with it, even if you have to give your gift away for free
  3. Say no to 1,000 things (you have to reduce the clutter)
  4. Kick start your brain (do something new)
  5. Sell dreams not products
  6. create insanely great experiences
  7. master the message (you will be judged on how well you communicate)


Monday, June 4, 2012

~A Little Life Lesson~

One of my life lessons is to take relationships for what they are. Meaning friends, family, spouse, co-workers, everyone you come in contact with. Some people will fail you and or even lie to you. The saying is true "when someone shows you who they are believe them." I want to take this quote a bit further and say when they do except it.

Sometime we want people to change, and the truth is we can not do that. A person changes when they want to change, but when we accept it that is half the battle. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have separated my friends into categories. Yes, I know which ones to call for their specific areas of expertise. I have told secrets to some of my friends, and it didn't remain a secret. We all had this happen to us before, if not you will experience it sooner or later. Even though it happened the past, do you think I will trust them again? The answer is absolutely not, but some of them are still my friends. They're just in a category of "no secret telling." So I hope you like my little life lesson, and will take these tips into consideration.

 Three simple tips: 
  • Accept relationship for what they are!
  • Use the category method
  •  Get over it

Friday, June 1, 2012

~June Monthly Motivation~

I know a lot of people who think sometimes they're in love, when they're connected by a soul tie. Hey, I will be the 1st to admit I had a situation like that too. And I am still dealing with a situation like that now. Soul-ties can be good or bad. Example of a bad soul-tie is feels good, looks good, and smells good. A good soul-tie is a healthy relationship key word "RELATE." I told the guy I once was talking to that we are soul-ties. He said what is that? I said look it up and call me back. When he did he said "wow Candace I never heard of that." Than he said, which one the bad or good one? I said you tell me....of course it was the bad one. I had to take time out and pray about my situation. Since we are friends it's really hard for me to break away emotionally, but it's nothing God can't handle. Good thing I look to him for favor & advice :)

Tony Gaskin's Jr. is an excellent relationship coach. He speaks the truth and isn't afraid to speak on issues most choice to remain silent to. Last year I took a relationship teleseminar class with him and it was great. I plan on purchasing his book Mrs.Right soon. I will post a review when I am done. If you have time check
out his other videos on YouTube. Also, you can follow him on twitter @tonygaskins.