Tuesday, December 18, 2012



Yearning for purity mind, body, and soul 
The day, the hour, the moment to be cleansed
  deep down waves from the ocean, all the way to the sandy shore, touch me
 I want you to touch me, so I can be wet, washed from head to toe, take away stains, I stand still no movement because I let you move through me, I feel you between my fingers and toes, Absence from color but still I see you, most of all I can feel you... cleaning me, bathing me, and showering me with wisdom, every last drop I need, like a baptism submerged to submission, dirt rolling off my finger tips,
 and I say to you
 It is in the water, I am clean 



Saturday, November 3, 2012

~Back 2 Healthy Hair Care

I'm gonna get back to healthy hair care. I use to be a hair addict a few years back. After I cut my hair and went natural, I got super lazy with it. My hair goal is to have healthy bra strap length hair. I will share my hair regimen with you on another post. I'm not gonna be a hair addict, I just want to keep things simple. That's how my hair grew to the length that it is now. This is my hair flat ironed, I'm natural so it would look shorter in it's natural state. What are some of your hair goals?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

~Novemeber Monthly Motivation~

 Don't Compromise

In life people will try to judge you. They will try to tell you who you are and put you in a box. Something I like to call the box mentality. When they try to feed you that junk there are two things you must do. The first is to remain headstrong, and the second is to not compromise.

Let me take it a bit further and tell you about a personal story of mine. I had a situation a couple of months ago where someone tried to compromise me. This individual tried to tell me that they use to be like me. And I was going down the wrong path in life. After we exchange words though a text, I realized it doesn't matter what anyone thinks about me. It's what I think and KNOW about myself that really matters. The sad part about it is that I use to look up to this person. After I seen the change in them, I realized "people are people." They change just like leaves in the fall. Truth is I won't let anyone speak negativity in my life. I just keep my mind focused on the positive and will put one foot in front of the other and walk.

You see nothing in life is worst than feeding into others pessimistic views. If you allow people to condescend you they will. Honestly, only God can judge us. He is the only one who created us. God will never have anything negative to say about you.

I remember once one of my friends said to me "Candace I wish I could be more like you, you don't care what people say about you." I said you're right....why should I try to change them. At the end of the day, they don't know me. I know me and I'm on their mind. Studies have shown that 25% of people will not like you no matter what. All the convincing in  the world won't change their view of you.

So that is why we have to be head strong. Focus on the positive and be optimistic in life. And lastly, DON'T COMPROMISE for anyone! 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

~Happy Halloween~

I'm not much of a Halloween type of girl. ..however I can admit I love the costume part of it all!

Friday, October 26, 2012

~What Ms. Lauren Hill Taught Me....Part 1~

"Why fit into a standard? We all have individual standards. Be yourself...we all have hidden into these boxes. If God made us all different, why should we all try to be the same...It's DECEPTION."

 She goes on to say...

"The real you is better than the fake someone else. True healing is from the inside out. We have been taught to protect our outer man, while our inner man is dying."

-Lauren Hill

This woman is an intellectual genius! She is not your ordinary artist, she is a lyricist that speaks the truth. Growing up I didn't listen to the words/lyrics in her music much. As an adult, I have mad respect for her.

Let me tell you how I got reconnect to this artistic genius. One day I was browsing Youtube for poems/spoken word. I got a recommend video from DEF Jam Poetry by Ms Lauren Hill. The poem was entitled "Motives and Thoughts." Once I hear it I put it on repeat to listen to several times. It was like poetry love at first listen lol. After that I started listening to her music. One of my latest poems "Cubic" I got insight from her song "I Get Out." That song had so much relevance to my life.

The quotes I posted from her is really a huge message to this generation. Many of us...yes I said "us" are programmed. We are programmed by our: television, radios, magazines, and even our peers. It shows in the way we look, act and think. The easy way to say it is "some people try to be reality stars, instead of creating their own reality." Some reality stars are faking the funk. Doing everything they can for ratings, and don't even know themselves. Did anyone see the interview with Evelyn Lozada? I rest my case *throws gavel*

I know after reading her quotes I tried to make some changes in my life. I wanted to be more of the real me, not the fake someone else. I can honestly say we all are a work in progress. We all want different things out of life. We are all different for a reason. The reason is God made us this way. God blessed us all to be unique for a reason. The world won't be able to operate if we were all the same. So use your gifts and talents. Share them with the world, the world needs you. So be courageous, give, and most importantly BE YOURSELF. Trust me nobody can be a better you. :)

 p.s. yes there is a part 2

Thursday, October 25, 2012

~Howard University Homecoming 2012~

One of my favorite cities...my second home. I had so much fun with my sisters/friends at Howard University's Homecoming. All was fun from the football game, parties, tailgating, dancing, and shopping. Best of all plenty of Black folk just enjoying themselves and having a good old time. Didn't matter the age or if you went to Howard or not....it was all about having a good time. Spend a lot of money, but in the end it was all worth it. After a weekend like that what more could a girl ask for......Thanks Howard for your blessings :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

~New Book...New Value in My Life~

I just got this book in the mail. I can not wait to read it. When I finish it....I will write a review for all of you!

Monday, September 24, 2012

~Another Accomplishment~

The beginning of this month I finally finished my 14 week Community Health Worker training. I learned so much in this program about myself in the health care field too. I had the opportunity to work with a non-profit organization called Mom2be and that was my favorite part of the program. Working with (Black) pregnant women to have a healthy outcome for mommy and baby. Helping to reduce and eliminate infant morality in my city. I was bless to work with some many amazing people!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Calculate me, length, width, and depth
trying to run but no exit I have met
time to escape the illusions and lies
white painted faces, red lipstick no lines
mute the noise from the chanting and tears
fakeness and foolery, falls  on deaf ears
internal battle has turned into war
confusion and delusion, make the fire uproar
cries, screams, emotional torment
closing the chapter of social unmet
throwing out secret and stories unkept
searching for courage, wisdom, and faith
praying to God for comfort embrace,
ripping the heads of devilish snakes
they watching and waiting for me to break
I'm superwoman you see the cape
bang, bang, bang, bang, all four walls
let me out, let me free
my desire is to be only me
no symbols, letters, or perplexed ideas
I choose to be free, let go of my fears
those mythical jokes are out of my ears
I want out of this cubic, I will create my own line
one single person, standing strong and divine
a free spirit of God's royalty
knowing he is the only true loyalty
I don't ponder anymore, instead I take steps to freedom
out of this confined box, so don't calculate me 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

~September Monthly Motivation~

This is something I am going to start working on this month. I believe my vision board is to small for my life vision. Our visions often change and it's easier to change a book rather than a vision board. I can't wait to finish it and share it with you all!

Monday, September 17, 2012

~Letter to the Main~

One of many, circles and circles of them,
which one to pick, 
is it me, side, jump-off main,
nobody get to be the one,
we all are one of many,
toss around in a circle, 
your circle of convince,
your circle of fatherhood to many,
plenty of seeds,
trying to create more pots, pots to implant your seeds,
not in just one,
no one is not enough, you need two,
no, you need three, side jump-off
and main, three girls in the running,
who will remain? caught in a circle
your circle of lies,
the one who remains is blind, 
or maybe she can see but doesn't want to 
because you wear your mask so perfectly
who gets the phone call tonight?
Who will be lonely?
who will be questioning her future,
waiting doesn't have an answer
the silence in the wait is the answer,
I wonder how you sleep at night,
knowing your life isn't real,
a picture he painted for you,
you can see right threw him
instead of beating it out
you prefer the lie,
the truth is we all in the circle,
his circle, you're just his main 
when we are gone his cycle will remain,
I found the truth when he told me about you,
now enlighten yourself, to see what I have seen,
question his lies, we were all a part of his circle,
I no longer remain,
I caught on to his games, and what's the joy of being the main?
Being a main will always put you in the circle,
don't be the main, be the one and only!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

~Whoever Said Black Ladies Couldn't Get Along...Lied~

One of the best experiences of my life happened last month. As a contestant in the 2013 Miss Black Ohio Pageant. I met new friends, had several eye opening experiences, and learned that persistence is everything! It took a lot of money, work, and time, but I can say I made it to the end. I didn't win but I had tons of fun. I might do it all over again next year too.

Big thanks to the previous Miss Black Ohio Kayla Hardimon for her encouragement. I will never forget her telling me some advice that I will keep with me my whole life. Also, congratulations to Ruby Thomas the new 2013 Miss Black Ohio USA. It was my joy competing with you...and thanks for curling my hair the day of the show!

Whoever said Black women could not get along....we proved them wrong. Keep striving high ladies, we all will change the world someday!

I wish I took more pictures, but my phone was dead half the time. There was a total of nine ladies all together. So I do not have pictures of some of the ladies... however I still love them all the same.

I hope you'll enjoy the pictures...and now since my schedule is a bit free. I'm gonna try to blog more. I have a few new poems, will be posting them soon too.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

~Check List~

  • Dress (check)
  • Turned in bio and paperwork (check)
  • Outfits (most of them half check)
  • Shoes (unchecked)
  • Travel size supplies (unchecked)
  • Finish putting my talent together (unchecked)
  • Booked room (check)
  • Found roommate (check)
  • Found a place to get nails and other stuff done (check)
  • New make-up (unchecked)
So as you can see I want to get all my unchecked checked!! I need to get over my procrastination ugh. The pageant is on the 20th of this month and I cannot wait.....all and all it's good stress though.

I'm just happy that I didn't give up, some have but I will continue to strive. Looks like I will be busy for the next ummmmmm 7-8 days. Well until next time lovely people, smile you never know who is watching you!

P.s. I'm starting my new job this coming Friday. Yay to me :)