Saturday, April 20, 2013

~Meeting My Favorite Motivational Speaker Les Brown~

I got to meet my favorite Motivational Speaker on Thursday with my cousin in pic too. It was sad I had to meet him at a funeral though. You can tell by his smile...that he just has a joyful heart all the time. It just shows my dream are real...what you attract to life will come! You can believe that! I didn't know I would meet him that day. Some how God made our paths cross...Thanks Les Brown for being such a friendly spirited person. You definitely made my day on Thursday God Bless!!!


~ Meeting my Grandpa Paul for the 1st time~

Just came back from my trip to NY last weekend. Had a fabulous time. Got to meet my grandpa Paul and see Niagara Falls with my family. What a wonderful trip for family history and fun!!