Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is beauty Important?


The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry that should answer your question. Some people may say that it is all about the inside that counts, but I totally disagree. Your image is important, think about it... someone makes a first impression about you in seven seconds. Think about how many people see your face everyday, and how many seven seconds impressions you are getting from the world. I am not saying that everybody's opinion is know what they say about opinions anyways lol. What I am trying to imply is there is going to be a time when appearance is going to play a major role in your life. And when that time comes you should set the image of how you want to be judged.

Beauty deals with everything from your head to your toes. One thing I like to say is "My body is my canvas, and I can paint it anyway I like. " The best part of self discovery is painting your body. That means your, hair, skin, nails, clothes, teeth, and smile. I will give you some quick tips on how to stay in tip top shape. Are you guys ready of what?!!!!!! I FEEL THE ENTHUSIASM

  • Define what beauty is to you...(this is different for everybody)
  • Make sure you are groomed before stepping out the house
  • Find clothes that fit you your body shape
  • Wear clothes that fit
  • It's okay to splurge on longevity items EX. bras and shoes
  • Love yourself beyond your flaws (everybody has flaws)
  • Do a mirror check at least once a day, love your reflection
  • Confidence=Beauty

I can not stress confidence enough if you don't have it get some. Some of the most beautiful people look unattractive because they do not have it. Do not be afraid to give eye contact, keep your head held high, and enter the room like you are the 1st model to walk down the runway. It is imperative that you keep up with your image and that begins by totally loving yourself.


  1. this was a really sweet post :)

  2. First, I like your blog! Second, good article. I wrote about the importance of beauty for women on my blog a while back. I agree with you. Beauty is important, especially for females. It may not seem fair, but regardless if we like it or not this is the first impression we make.

  3. You're right Sonna beauty is important; and every woman deserves to be beautiful. I love your blog too just checked it out.

  4. Great post. I agree with you 100%. This is something I always say, outer beauty helps women develop inner confidence. There's something about putting on makeup and your best outfit that just boosts your confidence.