Thursday, July 6, 2017

~Me Day~

  • Full body massage 💆
  • One hour yoga
  • Hot bath with essential oils
  • At home facial
  • Buy something special (assorted roses) for me 🌹
  • Drink spa water
  • Call off work
  • At home manicure
  • Watch a movie (Claudine & Dorothy Dandridge) for me
  • Eat a good meal (I had pizza)
  • Stay off social media
  • Limit the use of your phone
  • Clean your home
  • Light some scented candles 
  • Enjoy yourself and love yourself
  • Continue as offend as you day is almost over. When I need peace I will be reminded of this day💞
  • Love yourself or nobody else will!

Monday, February 6, 2017

*Dr. Angela Davis Black History Month*

Last week I was honored to hear Dr. angela Davis speak at OSU. It was such a beautiful moment to see her smile. I snapped this picture right after her speech and I shook her handand said thank you! Well it was more like a few fingers because she had her hands full. 

One thing she emphasized in her speech was the Black Woman. She spoke about how we are leaders and sometimes get over looked, and underappreciated. She made all the men stand up in the audience to acknowledge us. She also talked about the change in our political climate in the U.S. currently. She addressed the things we needed to change and the love we need for one another. Also, one her MLK's last speeches/interview she recited. We alway learned about the "I have a dream" speech and nothing else in school. However, MLK was far more intense before his demise. 

All in all it was a great experience! One that will impact my life forever. It's not everyday that you meet a living Legend. 

Thank you Angela for everything, you're indeed a phenomenal Black woman!

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I finally remember my New Year quote...."The year of big change." This year is a feel is going to be a major shift in my life. I can't really tell how it will unfold but it will. It will because I declare and will and I believe it will. My mindset has completely change and that is helping me to grow. I don't dwell on the negative thoughts nor things. They tend to cause the body too much stress and anxiety. I know the main things I want out of life is good health. I think that is something that a lot of folks tend to forget. They let relationships, jobs, and things they can't control get in the way of their happiness. 

I'm feel I can speak on this because I am dealing with an issue now. My current place of employment is very stressful. I current have my 2 week notice saved on my desktop. I heard this quote " unemployment is better than a stressful job." And I immediate agreed with that quote when I read it. And I think that is the reason why many millennials are creating their own jobs. It just makes more sense to do something you love more than something you hate. I've been at my job for a few years now. And part of my big change is going to start from there. I refuse to be in a place that doesnt meet my needs. I refused to have someone else dictate my life. I refuse to be treated less than I am worth. If that means starting over so be it!

There will be challenges along the way and I will accept that. I plan on moving out of state too. I had a timeframe set but sometimes the timing can't be planned. Sometimes things come or go sooner than expected. So many big things and challenges to unfold this year but I am ready. I am ready for my wings...I am totally ready to grow. 2017 I will be turning a new me grow 🍀🍀

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I have to stay focused as we go unto this new year 2017. I am being more of a minimalistic indivudual. I'm trying to limit my consumerism and pay down my student loan debt. I plan to be debt free by the end of 2018! Im paying off one loan this year, and I will have five more left to pay. Im just super focused on my goals, I am working off a budget. I started it in Nov 2016. It has helped me a lot to see exactly where my money is going. I am currently saving money to move out of state. It has always been a goal of mines but I never executed it. Next year is the year of making my dreams realities. I just have to remain focused.

It can get hard at times, and my job is very stressful. I am looking to start on a new path until I become a  successful entrepreneur. I have a daily affirmation that goes, I will do whatever it takes to become a successful entrepreneur! I also started a new daily routine which consist of meditation, bed yoga, and motivational speech. They all last for 5 mins each and it has become the best part of my day. When life get tuff I have to get tuffer! These things are helping me each day to stay level headed.

I am planning a trip to West Palm beach, FL early 2017. I am going to meet my great aunt there. I am very interested in family history and meeting the older generation. I am super excited about this trip already.

So I have plenty of things to focus on. My last thing I will be focusing on is a relaionship. I have been single for a long time. It has been almost 10 yrs to be exact. That is a very long time to say the least. I've been so into catering to myself and my needs that I didnt have the time to focus on anyone else seriously. I think it steams from past experiences and things with man. I have trust issues and I kind of like my independence in a way. It can be freeing but I have enjoyed it too long. I think it's about time to share my experiences/life with someone I can relate to.

I took a home buyer's course this month. And it sparked my mine to get into real estate and owning my own house. That is something that will take some time and focus too. I know I need to read and write more too. I have been slacking in that department lately as well. I'm a lover of education and learning and I need to endulge back into it.

I normally dont do resolutions, I normally do New Year's quotes. I can't remember my quote for 2017 but a big part of it will be to remain focused! That's the best way I can put it.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Saul Williams Poetry Night

Words cannot express how I felt when I got to meet one of my favorite poets. It was such an extraordinary night for me. I was in complete awwww.....just amazed at the fact that it was real. It almost felt like I was dreaming or something. He put on a great show with songs, poems, and of course dialogue. He made a great point in telling everyone to voice their opinions, regardless of what others may think. He said you my not believe 100% of your parents views on things and thats okay. I took that as something I meantioned before being more of you and less of someone else. It seems simply, however it can be very complicated sometimes. In this day and age we have a lot of distractions such as media, social media, workplace, and this capitalistic world we live in. How do we get over all of this...I know the answers will be different for everybody. Im finding for myself right now what is working is writing in my journal. Im trying to do it on a daily basis and look back on my experiences to challenge myself in different ways. I know the main thing for me will be changing careers soon. I know for sure I miss working with people and the community. Thats absolutely something I have to get back to soon. I did ask Saul one question and that was how do I become more creative. He told me to look into this particular artist work. I have to get her book and write a seperate post about how that goes!!!