Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

~Thinking About Him~

There is someone who I deeply care about, I just been hiding my feelings. It really sucks to be in this position. It has been a lot of things going on in his life, and I feel I need to be there to lift him up. I use to write in my journal thinking someday he will be my husband. It was literally like God was telling me that.

The not so good thing about it is...I stop speaking to him from something so dumb. And I feel like no matter what I keep thinking about it. Like how stubborn I can be at times....for no reason at all. I guess its like God revealing things to me daily. I just some how have to find a way to reconnect to him. I know life is just to short to just not go after what God has for us. This maybe the most boldest thing I have to do in my life. I have to muster up the courage to do so though. I can just see what God has in store for me nothing but blessing!

Let me stay focus and conquer God's plan for my life!! I hope my ❤ will be filled with joy. I will experience love, joy, marriage, and happiness one day. Amen!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

~Subject Bird~

This bird flew by me on my break three times. The third time I snapped this photo before he flew away.  The quality of this photo does the bird no justice. I really enjoyed watching him today. It was almost symbolic to me. The message I received was this job is only temporary. One day Candace you will be set free. You will live your dreams and fly just like me. The closer I connect with nature, the better I understand myself and my destiny. 

Smile at a bird today, and he may just teach you how to fly. -Aja Monet

Monday, June 22, 2015

~God's Love~

I had such an amazing weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I attending the Spoken Revolution event and a spoken work workshop with Ezekiel and Janette...IKZ. Just being around so many spiritual young people was awesome. It was great being around some friendly people. The south has some really overly nice individuals. And I was bless to have met some of them. God put me in this place for a reason. I am truly blessed and I had even tell you the half. 

Just know if you trust in God with a kinds like your heart. He will show up and shift your environment. He did it for me and he will do it for you. 

While I was on the beach....I remember thinking how I was so free. No matter how far I looked out....all I could see was no end to the ocean. I compared myself to the ocean. How small I was compared to the massive ocean. It really humbles you to compare the two.

Another thing I thought about walking on the sand. And see my footprints and think of the footprint poem about God. Thinking about how my grandmother use to have that in her home. And and how her home was so holy.

I was truly in my place of piece in Florida. I know that peace was God moving in me. He love is endless like the ocean. Just pure love you cannot get anywhere else. 

I ask that you accept his grace and love. Let him in your heart. Amen