Saturday, January 29, 2011

Being Silent and Still

When was the last time you have sit in silence? I mean complete sounds. Complete silence meaning no radio, television, telephone, or society buzzing in your ears. Well I have noticed that complete and total silence is the key to some much in my life, but the way technology is now days most people can't stop and take a break.
PAUSE....were is the MUTE button
I always have this thing I like to call "me time." It is the time that I sit alone and spend time with myself. Sometimes I write, read, plan, and sometimes I just sit still in silence. I just remain quiet, close my eyes, sit in a yoga pose, and gather my thoughts. I concentrate on my breath and my thoughts while I mediate. I noticed when I do this I can reassure myself of anything, it is like God is right beside me. I can hear him so clearly, and I can get the clarity I want for anything. The bible says in Isaiah 26:3 "Thou wilt keep him in Perfect Peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee." I have found that being quiet is a way that I can focus on God and communicate with him on the regular. He is my source for STRENGTH and I love having the ability to connect while keeping my mind focused on perfect peace.

I know plenty of people who strive for something, or lack an ability to do something. The next thing you know they are continuously complaining about how they do not have this or they wish they could do that. Then there are people who pray and found what they are looking for and then they stop. When you find something doesn't mean you can keep it, so you have to keep that same drive forever. Do not become lacked in the process. Sometimes you have to be so focused like a deer in headlights to get the clear picture. And the #1 way I stay focused is by remaining silent and being still.

So here are some simple tips to keep your mind free of clutter so you to can focus too:

  • Schedule some me time for yourself. (do something you love)
  • Focus on some of your goals, and the key is to write them down
  • Sit in silence...this is a great way to remain focused
  • Do breathing exercises...good way to stay calm
  • Pray (and don't forget to give praise too)
  • Makes sure everything around you stays clean...I mean everything
  • Do not stop dreaming...remember it is okay to dream
  • Do something you enjoy everyday!!!

These tips should have you feeling better in no time. It may take some time getting use to them, but if you believe in changing for the better contribute to them. I can assure you that you will start to feel GREAT!!!!

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