Monday, January 23, 2012

~January Monthly Motivation~

I decided instead of doing monthly quotes, I will do a monthly motivation. Monthly motivations will be about anything that will motivate and inspire you. I hope you will enjoy this new change :)

Today I want to shine the spotlight on a lady that is really spiritually anointed. Her name is Prophetess Tera C. Hodges. I encourage everyone to follow her on twitter. I love reading her tweets. Her twitter name is @Teracarissa

I will share some of her tweets and a video below:

": I promise I'm coming out of this! And if the enemy couldn't stand me b4, he's DEFINITELY going to have a problem with me NOW!"

"You need to take the enemy's attack as a compliment! You sent ALL of THAT for me??? Lord, my purpose MUST be HUGE! "

"Time will expose what talking will not"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

~Happy Anniversary Simplycandycane~

Wow..I can't believe it been a year already. I remember when I wanted to start a blog. I was very clueless on how to create one.

I spent over a year contemplating how I was going to do it. If you look at my profile my blog was created in February of 2010. I didn't actually start blogging until this very day last year. I'm glad I did because blogging is very therapeutic. It is my artistic gift to the world. I believe to start anything in life, you just have to do.

I still remember all my 1st:

My 1st visitor from NY
My 1st follower Black yoga
My 1st comment from AA
My 1st blogger award from Stiletto Minded blog for "versatile blogger"
My 1st interview with Miss Mia Rivel
and the 1st blog that that inspired me to blog "Healthy Kisses"

I truly appreciate all my followers & readers you'll are awesome!!! E-Hug