Tuesday, January 18, 2011


When my mind starts to wonder
Images in my head move like thunder
My soul escapes my body to emancipate society
Don’t want to feel confined
Heart, soul, body, and mind
Am I content?

Why Do I feel so restricted?
Letter on my door I feel so evicted
Words, thoughts, even my own philosophy
I can’t control this catastrophe
Or, maybe it is me
Am I content?

It feels like I’m at war
Repairing the intangible things in life I need more
I speculate what it feels like to be free
Is it in my existence?
Or, maybe it is just me
Am I content?

Can I pull the curtains back on the windows?
Can I sleep without a pillow?
Can I run without vain?
Can I forget my umbrella and walk in the rain?
Or, maybe it is no longer me
Am I content?
Am I content?
Am I content?

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