Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~Dreams have Meaning~

This is a little something I wrote from my BB phone, just random thoughts...enjoy!

sometimes our dreams seem unrealistic
but were does logic come into play anyways?
we dream, we wake up, then poof be gone

I think dreams mean something
they must, to be so close to the real thing

I had a dream last night and I believe
it was true

to feel love like that
I think I can start over

I think I can get some clear answers

After all when you dream about someone,
your souls create a form of synergy. A connection that can not broken. But in the end is it all worth it? Of course it is, why live life guessing? Why live life questioning?

Because in the end if you achieve it, it was worth the wait. If you don't achieve it, it was still worth the wait. It was worth the wait because you did everything you could to make it worth the risk. In the end passion always wins, you can try to fight it but it always comes out on top. Don't play mind games with yourself.

You see the picture is crystal clear
only you can decide,
only you can make the choice
and if i were you i would choose passion too.

You may say it is just a dream,
and it will not come true
I say don't feed into logic,
or you are in fear of being blue

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