Thursday, August 25, 2011

~ The Power of a Dollar~

Have you ever wonder how powerful one dollar is? I mean one dollar isn't nothing but 100 pennies, it's not worth that much right? Nope, that is totally wrong, and today I am going to share with you how powerful one dollar is.

Take one dollar out of your wallet and hold it in your hands. Now think about how many people had this same dollar too. Imagine how people used this could have been used for transportation, food, water, and a billion other things. Now look at the same dollar bill and think of how many people gave this very dollar away to someone else. I told you a dollar can mean so much more than what most people can even imagine. This dollar bill could have been someone's last dollar and now it is in your hands.

Yesterday, I was at the library trying to print out a letter and I only had a twenty dollar bill. I asked the librarian for change and she didn't have it. I thought I was about to go on a mission to get a dime to print my letter.

Surprising, I didn't have to step outside the library doors, a nice young lady in front of me asked me how much change did I need. I replied "I only need a dime to print my letter." She said "well here is a dollar keep it." I was so happy and I thanked her for that, without her help I would of been driving around trying to get change. Also, she gave me more than what I needed 90% more at that. I was so elated and than I begin to think how God works miracles through people. This year I have been giving dollars away to homeless people and random people I didn't know just because I wanted to show some gratitude. I started off doing it when I did a Gratitude Challenge with my life-coach, and I haven't stopped after the challenge.

I am so happy the world revolves around in a full circle. Believe me what you give to the universe, it will give right back to you. So that same dollar you have in your hand, I want you to give it away to a stranger. That's right someone you do not know and see how fast that dollar comes back to you. Money never stay in one spot it moves; it is currency and a current means "passing from one to another."

It is your turn to pass the dollar. When you do it leave me a comment and tell me how it goes :)

~Signed Simplycandycane~

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  1. This is true. Also God gives us money to be a blessing to others. Thanks for stopping by