Saturday, September 22, 2012


Calculate me, length, width, and depth
trying to run but no exit I have met
time to escape the illusions and lies
white painted faces, red lipstick no lines
mute the noise from the chanting and tears
fakeness and foolery, falls  on deaf ears
internal battle has turned into war
confusion and delusion, make the fire uproar
cries, screams, emotional torment
closing the chapter of social unmet
throwing out secret and stories unkept
searching for courage, wisdom, and faith
praying to God for comfort embrace,
ripping the heads of devilish snakes
they watching and waiting for me to break
I'm superwoman you see the cape
bang, bang, bang, bang, all four walls
let me out, let me free
my desire is to be only me
no symbols, letters, or perplexed ideas
I choose to be free, let go of my fears
those mythical jokes are out of my ears
I want out of this cubic, I will create my own line
one single person, standing strong and divine
a free spirit of God's royalty
knowing he is the only true loyalty
I don't ponder anymore, instead I take steps to freedom
out of this confined box, so don't calculate me 

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