Wednesday, January 9, 2013

~Galleria of Art~

Crafted works of art surround me
I am in touch with my visual scents 
the lines forming in this piece 
are ohhhhh so relentless,
your lines more bold, while mines curvaceous 
they both meet together in congruent relations,
earthy tones
yours chocolate swirls into my light caramel,
create a Twix candy so sweet we can't fail
the masterpiece they call it,
the worth is priceless
"Don't Touch" signs guard it,

Focal point lost
colors broken into puzzle pieces,
 flat tones become flat lines
stray footsteps lead to the exit door,
why should you leave,
when I really want more
Galleria of Art how I admire your beauty!
Visually you have to satisfy my desire,
because unfortunately we are in two
different stages of build an empire

*Goodbye Masterpiece*



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