Thursday, February 28, 2013

~Rescue You~

Dedicated to all the Black men that are positive influences. Happy Black history month.

  To you with the chestnut smile
sun rays kiss you  in the morning
and I can smell your reflection vividly
upon those pearly white teeth of yours
There is no need to rescue you
you aren't in trouble
polaroid cameras were created for you
fastest way to duplicate your
immaculate image
your arms are like grape vines
covering me with your strong sense of masculinity
You must be a personal trainer
or perhaps a butcher
abs more cut up than meat at a market
Webster can't even define
your body's definition don't need to be rescued
if you were a cigarette
I would smoke the whole pack
if you're a bottle of alcohol
I would surely drink to that
if I could control the waves in the ocean
I would demand them to form your name
When you're around
all I see is those beautiful brown eyes
oh those eyes they tell a story
your story
you're a master
a leader in every form
a general in the army
front line warrior
ready for battle
you're unique
you're strong
you're my soldier
Your history is told through the braille
upon your backs
your ancestors were no were near weak
you don't need to be rescued
they need to be rescued
your oppressor needs to suppress his mind
fall down to his knees
and beg for forgiveness a thousand times
You're a king
You're loved
You're a Black Man
we need you
Only you can change the world