Saturday, April 20, 2013

~Meeting My Favorite Motivational Speaker Les Brown~

I got to meet my favorite Motivational Speaker on Thursday with my cousin in pic too. It was sad I had to meet him at a funeral though. You can tell by his smile...that he just has a joyful heart all the time. It just shows my dream are real...what you attract to life will come! You can believe that! I didn't know I would meet him that day. Some how God made our paths cross...Thanks Les Brown for being such a friendly spirited person. You definitely made my day on Thursday God Bless!!!



  1. I know Les Brown, he is such a great personality. My friend met him once too. I wish I could have got the same opportunity one day. Thank you for sharing the information about your favorite motivation speaker, Candace.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Duin

  2. Just claim it and it will happen! That's exactly what I did unknowingly and met him. You're welcome I love spreading positivity around ;)

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