Wednesday, March 18, 2015

~Becoming A Movie Extra~

What an amazing day it had been. I got picked to be an extra in a film coming out next year. This was my first time being in a movie and I loved it. It has caused me to rethink acting. I always loved acting in high school. And wanted to act in high school as well. I got selected to do two scenes yay!!!! I can't talk about the film or anything. 

If you ever had dreams that you once wanted. Try to take a look at them and go for it. I was picked out of 20,000 people. That was pretty awesome! I can't wait to do more things that I love. I totally encourage you all to step out on faith. Faith it until you make it. And to top it off I got paid. I didn't know I was getting paid at first. When you love something you do it for free. My feet hurt so bad but I worked myself hard tonight. There shall be more to come excited!

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