Monday, February 28, 2011


This desire has me yearning for you

I desire your touch

Like a moth to a flame, I need you that much

You’re water, to my dehydration

I’m expressing this to you in poetic conversation

I desire the way I hunger for you

I am the bird

And you are the feeder

Let my beak do the work, while you’re the receiver

I love the way you fill my tummy up

You’re my warm coffee in my winter cup

One minute away from you and I am stuck

I desire our lips to assemble

You’re like my pad and I’m your pencil

So you can write on me anyway that you would like

Don’t be afraid to unveil me Mike

Although I desire you

I’m perplexed

At society’s view

Ample times I admire you

So, are you going to be the fool

And let your well run dry?

While I sit here and cry

Making sure these tears don’t fill your bucket

And if don’t want to be with me than fuck it

I guess desire can be good mixed with bad too

In your hands rest two pills red or blue

You’re trying to play me like I don’t have a clue

That’s why I no longer desire you

© Copyright 2011


  1. wow, i didn't know it was going to end that way. had me fooled lol that was good!

  2. Thank you Brendi. Sometimes you just have to let go because real love isn't suppose to hurt.