Sunday, November 20, 2011

~Tis the Season to be Receiving~
I know a lot of people have told you tis the season to be giving, but what is giving without receiving? A lot of people shy away from talking about the receiving side, but me on the other hand not so much. Receiving is not being greedy it about getting what God has for you. I love receiving things, it could be something as simple as a compliment. When I get a compliment I take that expression of praise and thank the person who gave it to me.

Throughout the rest of 2011 I want you to say "I am receiving." That's right say it every morning when you wake up. You will be surprise at what you receive, just wait and watch. It could be money, a compliment, a new job/career, car, love, a free sample, a great deal on something. I really don't know what it is or what you're going to receive, all I know is it is out there. In order to receive you have to be able and willing to receive. Make sure your hands are free so you grab on to something new! Let go of the old to get something new.

When that time comes, let me know what you received :)

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