Friday, December 9, 2011

~You Win Some, You Lose Some~

So I am finally able to give you guys an update on my trip from DC. I had two interview within the last few weeks, so I flew to the east-coast twice. The first interview I had went very well, but I decided after interviewing it was not the job for me. That was due to a number of circumstances out of my control.

The second interview I had was last week and that's the job I wanted the most. It was my 2nd interview, the 1st one was over the phone. I was told I had to prepare a 10 minute presentation for the 2nd interview too. The morning of my interview I walked to the bus stop so I could get to the Metro train. I got on the Green Line and got off at L'Enfant Plaza. I walked about 5-10 minutes to my destination. I looked at this massive building and admired the architectural structure. I entered and checked in with the security guards. I was given a temporary ID and some young lady signed me in. The young lady that would of been my co-worker she had a very pleasant attitude. She greeted me by saying my full government name, the school I graduated from, and the name of my sorority. Than she said "yeah I look over your resume." As we talked I realize we had so much in common. We both graduated from HBCU's, we both had natural hair, and we both were from neighboring states.

During the 15 minutes of down time I decided to walk around the building exploring. I came to my interview early so I had to kill some time. After my self-tour was over we were given the Q to go up stairs for my interview. When I arrived I meet the team that would interview me we shook hands and I sat down. The main lady told me okay Candace you can start with your presentation. I was like okay and I started but my words did not come out right. My mouth was so dry and I was so nervous. I looked at the Dasani water on the table wishing it was mine at that moment. Than I looked at the team of women across from me they had smiles on their faces. I wanted to shake my head like a 2 year old that didn't want to go to sleep. Yes, I was that nervous.

After about 2 minutes of the presentation I pulled myself together. I was breathing regularly and my mouth was not dry anymore. I didn't know were that FEAR came from....all I know was that never happen to me before. Yes, the girl who wants to be a motivational speaker choked up lol. I'm so happy I can laugh at it now since it's all over. After the presentation I had my interview and that part went very well. After it was all over I felt a big relief....and I thanked everyone. They told me I would be hearing the results the next day. There were a total of 4 in the running and only one spot.

The next morning I was sent an email stating basically I didn't get the job. Although, I wanted that job I knew this was only a test. I was tested on my FEAR and my determination. I believe the next couple of months I will be tested on my perseverance. So the next couple of months I am going to focus on only me. That right "ME PHI ME." I believe it's okay to be selfish in current circumstances and this is one of them. Yes, I will try my best to help other in between but my main focus is going to be ______ (you guessed it).

The things I learned from my experience in DC :
  • You win some, you lose some
  • Failure is a part of life
  • I am really, really, really close to success
  • I have people in my corner who truly love me
  • Life is to short celebrate it now....(exploring the sights of the city/Happy Hour for my sorority sister's early b-day)
  • Everything that glitter isn't GOLD
  • To live in a fast paced city, you have to have a fast paced mind
  • Nobody acknowledges the behind the scenes, they only recognize you when the camera is rolling
  • Sometimes you have to pick up the pieces, and learn from it and keep on going
  • I won't stop, and I can't stop, because I love DC!!!
At first I wanted to name this post "Every Lesson is a Blessing." Than I said to myself no I want to acknowledge failure. Micheal Jordan once said "I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." That is by far one of my favorite quotes.

Failure is a major part of life whether we accept it or not. In order to get to our road of success, we have to bump into failure a couple of times. I know one thing I will treat this experience as a hurdle to make me stronger for the next!

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