Monday, September 17, 2012

~Letter to the Main~

One of many, circles and circles of them,
which one to pick, 
is it me, side, jump-off main,
nobody get to be the one,
we all are one of many,
toss around in a circle, 
your circle of convince,
your circle of fatherhood to many,
plenty of seeds,
trying to create more pots, pots to implant your seeds,
not in just one,
no one is not enough, you need two,
no, you need three, side jump-off
and main, three girls in the running,
who will remain? caught in a circle
your circle of lies,
the one who remains is blind, 
or maybe she can see but doesn't want to 
because you wear your mask so perfectly
who gets the phone call tonight?
Who will be lonely?
who will be questioning her future,
waiting doesn't have an answer
the silence in the wait is the answer,
I wonder how you sleep at night,
knowing your life isn't real,
a picture he painted for you,
you can see right threw him
instead of beating it out
you prefer the lie,
the truth is we all in the circle,
his circle, you're just his main 
when we are gone his cycle will remain,
I found the truth when he told me about you,
now enlighten yourself, to see what I have seen,
question his lies, we were all a part of his circle,
I no longer remain,
I caught on to his games, and what's the joy of being the main?
Being a main will always put you in the circle,
don't be the main, be the one and only!

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