Monday, January 23, 2012

~January Monthly Motivation~

I decided instead of doing monthly quotes, I will do a monthly motivation. Monthly motivations will be about anything that will motivate and inspire you. I hope you will enjoy this new change :)

Today I want to shine the spotlight on a lady that is really spiritually anointed. Her name is Prophetess Tera C. Hodges. I encourage everyone to follow her on twitter. I love reading her tweets. Her twitter name is @Teracarissa

I will share some of her tweets and a video below:

": I promise I'm coming out of this! And if the enemy couldn't stand me b4, he's DEFINITELY going to have a problem with me NOW!"

"You need to take the enemy's attack as a compliment! You sent ALL of THAT for me??? Lord, my purpose MUST be HUGE! "

"Time will expose what talking will not"


  1. I'm gonna have to read up on her some more, u need all of the motivation that I can get

  2. Yes, she is the bomb girl. I told her I was so happy I'm following her. She said bless you.

  3. Very positive. You inspire breakthroughs.