Thursday, May 10, 2012

~Say What!!!~ 

Have you ever been lied to? Not just some old regular lie, I mean a good ole exaggerated lie. One that made you respond with "Say What" Well I just had that experience this past weekend. I was eating lies like inmates devour their last meal. So good that I fell into the trap....and you think those stories on "MAURY" are fake. He feed me lies so sweet, I could of been the 1st story that aired come Monday morning. Because as we all know, the first story is the best one! It's the one that makes everybody's mouths drop. Well, my mouth was not only dropping, it was "pop, lock, and dropping." He feed me lies for one full month to be exact.

The best thing about being a woman is having a woman's intuition. I know a lot of women try to ignore signs to protect their hearts. I'm so the opposite though, I question everything like Inspector Gadget. Now mind you he never once tired to come clean....all the answers to my questions turned into bigger lies. He even tried to turn things around on me to make me seem psycho.

Thank God I have older friends that I could confide in for advice. I was told what to do to hear the truth and it worked. Sometimes you have to lie to hear the truth, and that is exactly what I did. I pretend to know actress that should of won an Oscar. I couldn't let my emotions and feelings show after secrets one, two, and three were revealed. I had to make him feel safe and comfortable telling me the truth, which meant hiding the pain and rage. After he departed, I had my festival of tears mixed with pain prepared well done. I kept to reminding myself "time heals everything."  

I must say that even though he lied we are still good friends. He apologized and I accepted his apology. I told him we will take this day-by-day.  That's the good thing about it though...we still can remain friends after all the after-math. Most people told me they couldn't do it, I can though because I've learned to take relationships for what they are to me. Not all stories have happy endings, unless you're reading a fairytale anyways. 

And I know I didn't reveal the secrets...this is a public blog after all. I'm gonna start writing about relationship to my blog now. I haven't been in a lot of relationship but I have plenty of stories. I will mix past with present, hopefully you guys will enjoy those. And if you read "Sweet Lies" this post is the post related to it. Poetry & writing helps me get through so much....I love writing :)


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