Monday, May 21, 2012

~It Begins with Baby Steps~

I sent out my application for the MISS BLACK OHIO 2013 pageant a few weeks ago. And I just got the great news yesterday that I was accepted!!!! I am so excited. I know it's going to be a lot of work, but I am up for the challenge. I made it a goal for myself to accomplish something major every year. This pageant is my major 2012 goal for myself.

It all started with me making a decision first. I decided to do this pageant sometime last year, and I wrote it down on my goal list. You know I keep a goal list....and you should too. Next, I search for information on the pageant and got an application form and completed it. Now I can say I'm in the running to compete. I know these next couple of months are going to be ridiculously busy. Well I hope it is because I am up for the challenge. I took my 1st baby step and now I have grown into a toddler in the process. I can't wait to experience the highs, the lows, and all that is in-between. Also, if you would like to sponsor me let me know. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I will keep updating you all on my until next time folks :)