Wednesday, April 29, 2015

~Baltimore Riot~

This is not a Black vs White thing
This is not citizen vs police thing
However, this is a right vs wrong thing
A human right thing...simple

These young people are not thugs 
they are however a people questioning a system 
a system that countlessly fails us
what you see here is more political than voting IMO. It's a cry for help 
It's the beatin' up and bruised
 looking for a way to morn. 

It really hit me last night. As a seen a white young man speak about oppression and white prevailed as if he were Black. He spoke about how his political views detached him from his parents. Isn't it amazing how someone who has a choice speaks out. Others may not have a choice because they were born Black. Poetry night amazes me you never know what you'll hear. The poetry community has found a way out.

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