Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~Birthday Update~

My Birthday was the best ever it was so spontaneous but it worked out great. I brought my birthday in at the skating ring with my favorite cousin. The morning of my B-day I went to a Day Spa and got a full body massage. The massage was so relaxing and rejuvenating for my body, especially since I have been working out regularly. After that I went to dinner with my family at a sushi restaurant, it was my first time eating sushi. It was actually good, that's why people say don't knock something until you try it. The restaurant also had a stage for karaoke and my brother and I did a song together. We sung "Promiscuous Girl" by Nelly Furtado the song was so fast I kept laughing while on stage. I sung the chorus part and added my own freestyle towards the end of it lol. I know every time I hear that song now I will never forget that day, yes it was that much fun. After dinner I cut my cake and got ready to go out with my sorority sisters. They came from out of town (two of them) and I didn't even know they were here...I was so happy and surprised. We went out to a lounge and celebrated just like old times. This was a birthday full of great memories and one I will cherish forever!


  1. I know I'm super late on this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad you enjoyed your special day. You deserved it :)