Friday, March 4, 2011


Who said you can only make a resolution at the beginning of the year? Well you all know it's March right? Lets get in our "go-getter" mindset and start today...on this wonderful Friday evening March the 4th (or whenever you decide to read this). It is never to late to start a new beginning, let me say that again "It is never to late to start a new beginning." Today is the day you need to put an end to your procrastination and start something new. As a matter a fact I want you to make a list...that's right that is going to be your homework assignment! You need to complete this list today before you turn out the lights and go nighty night. This list should consist of things you want to accomplish this month, and if you want to take it a step further plan your goals for the year.

You know what you want and now is the time that you quit wasting valuable time and get it together. Lets call ourselves "Go-Getters" because we are going to get what we want whenever we want it. We will not fly like birds do; instead we will soar above the sky like eagles. You want to be an eagle don't you? Well you should because there are to many birds flying around (pooping on my car too lol) , not everybody can be an eagle but you can...yes you can!

~Soar high my eagles friends

p.s. I will post my list next month and update you all on my achievements. Don't be shy post a goal in the comment section!

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