Friday, March 11, 2011

~This Love~

I'm in love, but this here is is no ordinary love
it is more like extraordinary love,
this love is that home cooked meal love,
this love this that fresh out the shower so fresh and so clean love
this love is not like the rest, but I will protest
this love is the best,
this the type of love most people don't experience....
I told you this is no ordinary love,
more like extraordinary love
this is not the type of love were you hug and caress,
or wake up in the morning and your hair looks a mess,
this love is more like
humming birds outside your window
this love is like waves in the ocean, a constant motion
with this love I don't have to feel a touch or embrace
I don't feel fingers prancing around my face,
nor do I feel the tangible, it is more like intangible love,
it's like I know it is there
I pray it is there
I hope it is there
I dream it is there
I have faith it is there
But in the end is it there?
for I am in love with the though of being in love,
and when that love comes, I will feel complete
see this love is no ordinary love,
this love is like listening to seashells, and dreaming you are on the beach

© Copyright 2011


  1. I read many different blogs and I've never ran across one totally dedicated to poetry. I've read many of your poems within the last few minutes. Your a great writer, beautiful poem. :)

  2. No, my blog is dedicated to more than just poetry. Although poetry is a true love of mine, I've been writing since an early age. My love for writing started with poetry so I have so much lol. I feel like I am the real Poetic Justice

    Thanks for the compliment and for reading :)