Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bare Feet

I walk down the road that never ends

Forgetting not to look back I take a glance

Like an electrical shock though my body I froze

Tiz the day I dreamt this but this is my past

Dajavo in more ways than one

I see a broken heart pieces broken like a puzzle

Where did this pain come from?

Finding myself was always hard when people mislead me

My body wouldn’t let me turn around to the future until I have seen my past

Down the path reads lies, lies, lies, all lies

People must think I’m a fool

But look at me

Than look at them

I’m making sometimes out of my life

My past can not haunt me no more

My future matters most importantly

So past smack me in the face

Spit on my bare feet to the future

For you can not taunt me any longer

Don’t you see the difference?

Before I wore shoes now I show

everything bare

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