Thursday, April 7, 2011

~When Things Fall Apart~

When things fall apart we lose our strength, courage, and fight......
We imagine falling slowly
We do not have a care in the world
We pay more attention to the negative
We don't see the light at the end of the tunnel
We paint a portrait in all black and Gray
We speak down to ourselves
We become weak and do not know that we settle
We make up excuses
We hear and see things that others don't
We are out of the fairy tale land
We begin to crumble and break down completely
We see to many short-cuts
We have blurry vision
We can't share love and happiness
We want to hear music that is slow and depressing
We see no smiles, joy, or optimistic behavior
We just want to be along, isolated, and have all the free time to vent

*News Flash*

When things fall apart sometimes we forget the power we have. We are the master of our mind and we control how we choose to feel. Love yourself beyond all your flaws, believe me nobody is perfect. Perfection isn't something that we should strive to be, just love yourself and be unique. When things fall apart remember God has your back 100%, its just another test. You will come out stronger than you were before, he is able to get you through anything. You have the ability to make those mountains move if they are in your way. You don't have no road blocks unless you block yourself. Let me say that again "you have no road blocks unless you stop yourself." So uplift yourself and recognize we all have hard times but after the rain there is sunshine. When the road gets hard to fight think "this too shall pass."

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