Tuesday, April 5, 2011

~Two Words~

Don’t take me off my cruise control

Because, who knows what the future may hold?

Someone should hit me in the head

So I can hear the ding, dong

Ding, dong dummy

Detach this white cloth

So I don’t have to feel like your mummy

For years I was caught in your trap

I took my foot off the pedal

And when I was there you took my gold metal

You love the feeling of controlling my cruise

Guess what?

One day you’re going to lose

Because I refuse, to let you be my traffic light,

Red, green, and the color in-between

Those two words got me stuck at the yellow light

What a sight, to see it go to green

Because two words doesn't mean a thing

Two words

Sent to-day

Won’t mend us to-gether


© Copyright 2011 SimplyCandycane.blogspot.com

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