Thursday, February 12, 2015

~Is God Real?~

This is the question we often are asked, or even ask ourselves. It's the question I asked myself this morning on my way to work. 

I was driving and happened to slide on black ice and spun in the opposite direction of traffic. I ended up right in front of a school bus. Not to mention my car is a very small neon. I was on a busy street in heavy morning traffic. I seen three accidents on my way to work. However, while spinning I had no fear. I knew God had my back. Is was that voice that told me to put on my seat belt this morning, when I was rushing. The Lord protected me, I am safe. I know I have too much more life to live and so much more love to give.

Thank You!


  1. This is beautiful...
    I'm so glad you made it. God is real indeed!!