Tuesday, January 6, 2015

~Don't Be The whale, Be The Ocean~

I  heard the above title at a poetry night a month ago. It was so profound that I had to save it to my phone.(I wish I remembered the poets name). When we think of a whale, a massive animal comes to our mind. Now compare that huge whale to the ocean. It doesn't even compare in size. In fact, the whale merely become a very small ant in my eyes. The same metaphor can be applied towards our lives. Why settle for whale dreams, when your can have ocean dreams. Why settle for whale gifts, when you have ocean gifts. Why settle for a whale man, when can have an ocean man. Why settle for that whale job, when there awaits an ocean job out there for you. Why, why, why do we limit ourselves when the world is so much bigger.

So today I challenge you to becoming one with the ocean. Think BIG because we have greatness within us!!! We are Oceans!!!

My night time motivation 😊

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