Wednesday, January 21, 2015

~Tackling Student Loan Debt~

A confident woman is one who is financially fit. Although most people don't like to face their debt, I believe when one does it makes them feel courageous. Let's face it, most Americans are living in debt and for some of us in comes from student loans. We are in debt for the education we received.

I remember when I first graduated from high school. I almost made the decision not to attend college because of debt. Well I had a guy from an organization called "I Know I Can" telling me I should go. And of course I took his advice and very thankful I did. I met some amazing people during my college journey. It's something no one can take away and I am very blessed to have a degree.

However, the hardships of paying back these loans are tuft. I started off with about 16,500 when I graduated. Now I am up to 17,400 from deferments blah! Well this year I said I am determined to pay as much back as I can. I know I will pay this debt off!

So my plans are simply and sweet. Spend less and pour more money into my student loans. I'm paying off the loans with the least amounts 1st. My loans range from $300 to 5,600 I have 11 loans total. Tomorrow I will be sending off my 1st full payment for loan #4 yay!

This is just the beginning of my financial boot camp journey. I'm will take you along the way with me and give tips. I know there are others out there needing help too. And since help is what I'm all about doing...I'll keep yall posted.

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