Thursday, May 19, 2011

~Car Maintenance is just like Human Maintenance~

I believe the same way you have to maintenance your car you have to do the same for your life. Just think about how many things your car needs and think how they coincide with your life. Let me elaborate on this subject with a list of things a car needs.
Ladies and gentlemen get ready to start your engine.

  • Gas-Gas keeps you going. Ask yourself what motivates you? Whatever your answer is that is your gas. Examples of gas could be your family, kids, money, passion, God, success, ideas, goals, purpose, friends, and/or a visualized outcome. Now everybody know that without gas in your car don't plan on a trip. The same thing goes for your life you need gas to fuel your dreams.
  • Oil Change-I know you are thinking how can you connect an oil change with life. Think of the second word change, what is life without change? If you did not change anything in your life you wouldn't be alive; change makes the world go around. Remember water and oil do not mix so when I say oil change think of how the two do not mix. What's in your life that is not mixing? Who's in your life that isn't mixing with you? Where is all that unnecessary mixing coming from? When is it time for you to stop mixing two things that don't belong? See now you understand why you need an oil change. To rid yourself of the people, situations, negativity, and an atmosphere that is not serving you. If you drive a car without getting an oil change your engine will blow. Don't take the change of letting yourself blow, get your live in order.
  • Tune-Up- A tune up makes your car run smoother, start easier, and save fuel. There will come a time when you will feel unmotivated and feel like quitting. That is when you will need a tune-up for your life. The best way to tune -up your life is by having a vision/dream. If you're able to visualize what you need you will keep on striving. You have to be so clear with your vision, I mean crystal clear. Start with making a vision board, and look at the vision board when you need a personal tune-up.
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