Sunday, May 8, 2011

~In the Mist of Rain there is a Rainbow~

A couple of days ago I was not having such a good day. I went to the gym to work-out with an excruciating headache. The weather consisted of rain in the forecast for the past couple of weeks. And on top of that detailing with family problems and other personal issues. I was was at the point that I wanted to SCREAM. I left the gym feeling so unmotivated although I write about motivation... how ironic. I drove in the pouring rain to Taco Bell's driver thru, and that is when I seen it. What did I see you ask? I saw the most beautiful rainbow piercing in the sky. All I could think of was "in the mist of the rain there was a rainbow."

After I got my food I looked back in the sky again only to see the rainbow had departed from me. I wanted to take a picture of it, but God placed it there for me to take a mental picture of it. He wanted me to share this story with you so you can see the bright side of things too. The rainbow is God's promise to us to never flood the earth to destroy it (Genesis 9:16). If God can make that promise to us then we can make that same promise to ourselves.

Today promise not to destroy your life with disappointments and rainy days. Although, I am still going through the storm I have faith I will concur it in due time. Remember my rainbow story when you are going through a storm, and hopefully it will make you smile!

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