Sunday, September 18, 2011

~I'm Sorry~

I’m sorry

Time after time I think of you

Your actions are so unpredictable

Night after night I want to call you

But my insecurity keeps me invisible

Time after time I want to show you I care

Your actions keep me puzzled inside

Night after night I want to hold you

But my emotions said this love will die

Time after time I question my thoughts

Your actions tell me you are concern

Night after night I want to apologize

But my pride tells me no in return

Time after time I tell you I love you

Your actions tell me the same

Night after night I want to make love

But my heart tells me I am caught up in your game

It is time for our love to grow

Your actions told me so

Sleepless nights I cried

But tonight I will sing; a sorry lullaby

I’m sorry


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