Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~The Liberation~

Living in between these concrete walls

And making collect calls,

I wonder when my freedom day falls,

I go to bed dreaming that I might,

Finally wake up and see the light

Waiting in this lonely ceil

Hoping one day I will post bail

I have faith in my attorney to not fail

Looking through these steel bars

Thinking one day I might reach the stars

If injustice in America, I hope there is life on Mars

Patiently waiting on my release date

When I can run through that open gate

Thinking no longer an inmate

I’m tried of being 80013

That’s not my name

Or who I’m destined to be

So liberate me, set me free

~I am praying for Troy Davis today I know God is capable of miracles. It just shows that racism in America is not dead. This case has to change our justice system, that's why it's so important who you vote for. I wrote this poem for a similar case but that guy was set free and I hope the same goes for Troy.~

R.I.P. Troy Davis~No Justice

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