Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~Under Construction~

I'm under construction

My Blog is under construction

The season is under Construction

Construction simply means the art, trade, or work of building. Whenever we want to change something in life we work on building ourselves. We are the ones to create our blue print of what we want. We are in charge of our own legacy. We have the power to make things happen. You could be working on constructing a relationship, friendship, lifestyle, higher education, or future dreams. Whatever it is the time is now to do it, because time is ticking and you are still breathing. The year will be over within a blink of an eye (time is tricky).

So will you go under construction with me?


  1. Girl I'm constructing myself now. It started on Saturday, now it's up to me to follow through with it

  2. I feel where you're coming from. My current lifestyle is under construction. So are a few of my relationships and my spiritual life. I wish you the best during the construction period <3