Wednesday, September 7, 2011

~New York Update~

The update from my trip to New York is long over due. I went to the big apple the end of last month and I had a blast. I seen my friends and my sandz (sorority sister I crossed with) while enjoying a variety of different cultures. They do not call it the melting pot for nothing. Also, I went on a boat ride for an all white party (picture above). I went shopping too, I can be a shopaholic at times lol.

I loved being in the mist of people that express themselves with fashion there. From the earrings, to the shoes, and their hair. It's amazing how fearless and stylish they are in NY. You don't see a lot of versatility in Ohio, mostly everyone here is pretty simple. Also, I got to enjoy one of my favorite dishes "Jerk Chicken" from a Jamaican restaurant. If you never had it you should try it because it's the best!

Another great thing about New York is everybody is a "hustla" (someone skilled at turning a profit no matter what the enterprise). They say only the strong can survive there because everything is so expensive. I wanted to go there for that very purpose, I needed the motivation that I knew this city would provide me with.

I met a wonderful taxi driver while I was there and I told him about an idea of a book I plan to come out with. The whole time we were driving he just kept telling me stories, and I will never forget them. I put some of his wisdom in my notepad on my phone, hopeful some of them will be in the book too. It was the first time I told anybody about my book goal. I can't believe I told a complete stranger though lol. I guess sometimes that is just how life is, you are lead to tell current people current things. I told him the title of the book and everything (the title I will not mention here). He told me I was a very smart woman..which is so true. When I got out the taxi he asked me when the book was coming out; and I told him when it does you are going to be the first one to buy it.

New York is fun....I had a better experience this time around. And if you're wondering about my book adventure I will be sure to give you guys updates :)

~Signed Simplycandycane~

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