Sunday, October 16, 2011

~The Day I Met Eva the Diva~

I met America's Next Top Model season 3 winner Eva Pigford in my hometown a year ago. She starred in a play entitled "Me and Mrs. Jones." After the play was over the audience members were asked to take pictures with the cast members. So my family and I took pictures and spoke with all the cast members. Everybody was waiting on Eva to come out and of course she came out late and last. When she finally came out to grace the crowd with her presence, everybody's attention when straight to her. Everyone wanted to take a pictures with her and the line was ridiculously long.

Instead of waiting in line, I continued to mingle with the other cast members. A few minutes later I seen Eva run out away from the eager crowd. I don't know why she ran, she must have been overwhelmed with the crowd. I just remember her running away so fast and she said "I'm be back." One group of girls that were waiting in line said "she played us." They were right she didn't even come back. Only about three people got a chance to take a picture with her before her disappearing act.

My family is known to be the last ones leaving an event, we love to mingle. We were even chosen by the camera man to talk about our experience at the play. I made sure my comments were super dramatic to express my personality on camera. After our ten seconds of filming we departed from the theater to go home.

As we walked to the car down the block, we seen Eva the Diva. I was so surprised to see her walking so carefree. I guess she figured everybody must of went home. I asked to take a picture with her, and she had a look on her face they read no in ever language. The good thing is the same cast member that I mingled with earlier was walking with her too. He immediately began to make jokes to make us laugh (typical comedian). And after that Eva said "sure you just have to take it fast." My cousin whipped out her I-Phone and snapped that picture shown above. I was super happy because I really liked Eva on ANTM, and I remember rooting for her to win. I think I even cried when she won because I was that happy for her.

After I taking the picture we split ways going in opposing directions. Not a minute later, I heard those same girls that said "she played us" asking for a picture. It was so funny that the comedian that helped me out earlier, acted as a bodyguard to block the girls. He made sure they didn't get a picture with Eva.

The story is not about me meeting a celebrity...well maybe it is lol. The main reason I wrote about my experience is to tell you that making connects are important. If I didn't mingle with the cast members and make some type of connection, I probably would of got blocked too. Believe me you never know who can help you get to that next level. So treat everyone with dignity and respect. And make a connection while you are doing it!

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