Monday, October 31, 2011

~The Internal Mask~

Today a lot of people celebrating Halloween will be wearing masks to cover up their physical appearance. Sometimes it doesn't take a physical mask to camouflage or cover up something. Let me introduce you to a mask that some people wear it is called the "Internal Mask." Yes, the internal mask is the master of hiding how one feels inside. It is the smile one have on their face when they feel like crying. It is the light feather walk one has when they're carrying the world on their shoulders.

Sometimes I slap my internal mask on to eliminate the questions from the outside world. There are time I laugh to cover-up my pain inside, other times I smile to replace a frown. I know I can fool many people with my trickery. Only people who are close to me can peel that mask right off my face. Those few individuals are the ones that I usually tell my problems to. If they are not around I usually have my best friend which is my pad and pen. When I write about how I feel it take that huge weight off my shoulder. I love writing and I know we will have a lifetime relationship!

~My internal mask is therapeutic, it really helps me get through the hard times~

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