Wednesday, October 12, 2011

~The Magic Touch~


So, I was speaking with my cousin the other day, he is currently studying massage therapy in school. It seems like every time he learns something new, he can't wait to tell somebody. I'm usually that somebody that he tells his new found studies too lol. One day he said something to me that I never will forget. He said "my instructor told us that every massage therapist has a different touch. So if a client find a therapist they really love, they should stick with that person." Also, she told the class about how some of her clients use to stalk her for her skills.

The "Magic Touch" is not just for massage therapist. You have the magic touch too, yes I am talking to you. The "you" who is reading this right now. Your magic touch makes the people in your life love you the way that they do. Your magic touch is the skills that you have, your God given talents. Your magic touch is what makes you unique and not like the others. It can be as small as smiling and saying hello to everyone you pass daily.

What is your magic touch?


  1. I know I have the magic touch! It's about touching people's lives through who I am. Great post!

  2. This is a sweet post. I'm still figuring out what God's purpose for my life is...but that's part of what makes this journey so fun!

  3. @asinglemothersjourney-that's a good one!

    @Galaxia-I love how you mentioned the word journey. You are absolutely right, life is a journey. It good to appreciate the present, and when you least expect it your calling will come. Most of the time it is already there you just have to be fearless!